Join Gaby & Carolina as they take us into the world of imagination. 2 girls involved in aviation, education, and making the world a better place.

They are making a movie about Growing Up _____! And they want you to be involved. Help them fill in the blank and help them fund their project.

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The World of Aviation

Project IN PROCESS...

A local high school, one of only two in the country, is building a plane with the help of mentors. Project being funded by the school, the city, and the community.


  • To learn from each other and from mentors
  • To get a head start on college
  • To do something few are doing
  • To be impactful to the future



In 2016 Boeing reported over the next twenty years there will be a shortage of 679,000 technicians and 619,000 pilots.

This is up 11% from the prior year.

Help us to lower the cost of schooling and training for future pilots. 




A short film created by a small production team from Dallas, TX, will be used in an upcoming tv show called Not1ofthe6

TLR is the backbone of the production, while Dwight Mathis, Braden Wells and Jason Nicholson lead the team in creative direction. The opportunity to create the film was made possible by the simple act of asking.

Remember: asking starts the receiving process. 


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Make a Movie, Watch a Movie