From left to right: Jimmy Horowitz,   Don Hale ,  Jason Van Sickel ,  Ron Clark ,  Paul Hansen

From left to right: Jimmy Horowitz, Don Hale, Jason Van Sickel, Ron Clark, Paul Hansen

Jimmy Horowitz - Jimmy has produced and performed on over 130 albums with artists such as Elton John and Rod Stewart.  Next, Don Hale, a partner of Jimmy's in the writing of 13 plays.  Next, 5 Time Emmy Winner Jason Van Sickel, will direct the filming.  Next Ron Clark, writer, co-producer of the movies, song writing partner of Jimmy Horowitz and Director of Operations for The Last Responders.  Next, Paul Hansen, CEO of the Flying Vikings, film producer – Flying Vikings

One of our partners is Paul Hansen of the Flying Vikings. 

The Flying Vikings program touches a child's life and creates memories for a lifetime through a 20-30 minute plan ride. 

Seeing children dream with their eyes wide open at 2000 feet is truly magical. The program is designed to immerse children ages 6-18 years old with a chronic illness or physical disability into a high flying adventure.

Paul Hansen  - Director of the  Flying Vikings .

Paul Hansen - Director of the Flying Vikings.

To donate to the Flying Vikings, please click on logo to get to their site.

To donate to the Flying Vikings, please click on logo to get to their site.

Thank you Chili's, Domino's, Home Depot, Raising Cane's, Chick-fil-A, and more with the additional help from caring students and adults in locations across the United States.

Kids can do incredible things when given incredible things to do. 

Another partner of ours is Eight Days of Hope.

Eight Days of Hope is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that has successfully restored or rebuilt more than 1,800 homes following natural disasters since 2005.

Volunteers from 44 states and six countries worked for over 640,000 hours during the first twelve events alone.

Stephen Tybor III and his team at Eight Days of Hope are truly phenomenal and a gift in our society. To learn more and to donate please click here to go directly to their website.

Mr. Hansen & Mr. Tybor iii and their causes will be featured in Make a Movie, Watch a Movie.

To purchase a ticket please click link below.

The most important thing about us is your dream, passion, or calling.  Our purpose is to help fulfill lives of value. We simply look at the world and work to fulfill a need.  

The greatest joy for us is to see others get what they want out of life.