About Us


About Us

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Who We Are

We are The Last Responders in all phases of life.  In a natural disaster we show up after the first responders looking for people that have the courage, will, and effort to overcome difficulties for a period of six months or more.  In business we look for people that care about their customers enough to put their needs before profit. In aviation we look for people who understand the demand and want to help fulfill the need.  In churches we look for people of integrity that can take their faith to the outside world and display a model of value.  In education we look for people with communication skills, consistency, confidence, and competency.  In the world we look for people with a dream, seeking fulfillment.

What We Do

A group of Baby Boomers have funded The Last Responders since 2005.  The group seeks no personal fame or fortune and only one will appear on camera or accept any recognition for their efforts.  The Last Responders work and provide resources to help people in need of starting a business, growing a business, fulfilling a dream, or helping recover after a natural or manmade disaster.  The work by the group is one of support with the desire to turn over profits and control of various projects to people of value willing to carry on the needed work.  Membership requires paying your own way, effort, and an unselfish attitude toward personal gains.  Mr. Ron Clark is the only individual that can speak for the group and the only individual to deal with in matters related to any project or activity.

Think small in deed, act often for the benefit of others and care with passion for the positive outcome.


Executive Summary for The Last Responders

I. Vision: Inspire, educate, and assist people to accomplish a worthwhile goal.

II. Plan of Action: Create jobs and assist those that create jobs where possible. Natural disasters - Assist in clean up and rebuilding of lives when possible. Help fulfill dreams and help establish opportunities for people to pursue a worthy ideal.

III. Build models of success that others can follow and duplicate.

My first adventure was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now with over 400 natural disasters under my belt, Iā€™m ready to pursue my greatest adventure; making sure the Baby Boomers are not the last generation to live better than their parents.ā€
— Ron Clark