Do You fit any of the below?

  • Person with the desire to be a film director

  • Person who wants to be an actor

  • Song writers, person that can write and perform music of a country nature or any main stream music

  • Person with a desire to be on the radio, a newspaper writer, or a screen play writer

  • Person with an idea for something of value

  • Artists that can do storyboards

  • Inventor or Innovator

  • Person who like to promote, advertise, and/or market

If the answer is YES, please continue…

If the answer is no, then find someone who can, that can also pay well.

The movie will require using all your abilities to think outside the box or without a box.


3 Seconds in the life of Jerry Jones in 3 movies will produce $1 million for the Salvation Army.

Wanted: US 1,000 Teams with 1,000 Members vs Texas 100 Teams with 100 Members in 3 Movies: Who Can Create the Most Value on a $10 Movie Ticket in Advance? Pledge sheet required before any money can be collected to play for $1 Billion for Charity.

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Plan to Create Affordable Housing While Cutting Student Loan Debt up to 1/2 Offered to Governors, No Tax Dollars or Debt.


How to Solve 2 Trillion Dollar Problems

Affordable Housing & Student Loan Debt

It Involves Buying Up to Half Interest in an Empty House, Restore and Rent – Then Match a Rent Payment with Student Loan. 3 Families – 3 Houses at $25,000 Each = College Paid for 3 Students. Video of 1st House in Marion IL – Bought, Restored, & Rented Above

How Can I Benefit from or Be in a Movie? Click Here to Find Out!

Desired team makeup for a winning combination

3 adults and 3 students with a total of not more than 12

renjith krishnan.jpg

part of the film involves you:

·         Become a director and create a script

·         Shoot the project on the highest quality possible

(cell phone videos are completely acceptable) 

·         Ideas can be shared with TLR lead team before filming  

(send us a message via the CONTACT page)

scene selection:

STEP 1 - Use something related to or expresses the following: 

Hope, Trust, Plans, How, the Unknown, You

(check with us before filming YOU as the main theme) 

Absorb, Respond, Reflect, Goals, Share

Example: Film the restoration of a car, the sale, and the project of value the funds create

STEP 2 - Create a story board of drawings

 (suggested scenes to come)

STEP 3 - Communicate with the TLR team about your 30-60 Seconds scene. 

STEP 4 – Contact us before filming - Put your story board or idea in a PDF file and send in an e-mail to: and Check our website for updates.


Use the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as a foundation for your journey.

Believe and/or understand every chapter.

More information and suggested scenes will be added in November 2017.