Do You fit any of the below?

  • Person with the desire to be a film director

  • Person who wants to be an actor

  • Song writers, person that can write and perform music of a country nature or any main stream music

  • Person with a desire to be on the radio, a newspaper writer, or a screen play writer

  • Person with an idea for something of value

  • Artists that can do storyboards

  • Inventor or Innovator

  • Person who like to promote, advertise, and/or market

If the answer is YES, please continue…

The movie will require using all your abilities to think outside the box or without a box.

Desired team makeup for a winning combination

3 adults and 3 students with a total of not more than 12

renjith krishnan.jpg

part of the film involves you:

·         Become a director and create a script

·         Shoot the project on the highest quality possible

(cell phone videos are completely acceptable) 

·         Ideas can be shared with TLR lead team before filming  

(send us a message via the CONTACT page)

scene selection:

STEP 1 - Use something related to or expresses the following: 

Hope, Trust, Plans, How, the Unknown, You

(check with us before filming YOU as the main theme) 

Absorb, Respond, Reflect, Goals, Share

Example: Film the restoration of a car, the sale, and the project of value the funds create

STEP 2 - Create a story board of drawings

 (suggested scenes to come)

STEP 3 - Communicate with the TLR team about your 30-60 Seconds scene. 

STEP 4 – Contact us before filming - Put your story board or idea in a PDF file and send in an e-mail to: and Check our website for updates.


Use the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as a foundation for your journey.

Believe and/or understand every chapter.

More information and suggested scenes will be added in November 2017.